It’s the Little Things

Recently, a mutual friend told me that my fiance and I give her hope in the department of love.  Over the past week I’ve been asking myself how did we get to the point where we inspire others?   What lead us here?  What makes our love unique and wholesome?

My fiance and I met on World of Warcraft.  I know, I know.  Go ahead, get your laughs out of the way.  We met, he helped me along as a new player and taught me how to play, and in short, we became friends.  As months passed, our conversations got more personal.  We learned about each others’ lives and pasts, our situations at the time, and what we’d like our futures to be like.  He was a role model to me, that there was life beyond what I grew up with.  I was his pillar of strength to finally stand up for himself.  We learned that we were polar opposite carbon copies of one another.  We had similar outlooks on life.  We had the same feelings regarding traumas in our lives.  We became each others’ rock in order to try to figure out how to get through the situations that were on our plates at the time.  Things weren’t working out with our previous partners no matter what we tried, and thus we decided to develop a partnership with each other.  We both traveled for a mini vacation and finally met in person.  Ever since, we decided to keep each other, despite all the hurdles that we’d have to jump in order to actually be together.  Eventually he proposed and I started seriously planning the means to migrate to another country.

Relationships can be tough.  What made us think that we could make this work?   Well, we started as friends and I think that made all the difference in the world.  When we got to know each other, we didn’t have an agenda.  It was simply being supportive of one another.  Not just hearing the other when they spoke, but actually listening.  Acknowledgement and appreciation played a big part as well.  It was also the little things.  We’ve tackled a long distance situation.  We’ve spent our relationship 1500 miles apart, making a point to visit each other as often as possible, but visits are never enough.  The little things have kept everything going.  Good morning texts, constant communication, Netflix & Google Hangouts & Chill dates, unique gaming adventures.   Random letters/cards in the mail or memes messaged.  His 6am phone calls on my way to work, or my calls on lunch in the middle of the day.  Random little things that meant “hey, I’m thinking of you.”  We’ve shown more appreciation and spent more time with each other 1500 miles apart than most couples do under the same roof.  That’s not to say that everything has been all peaches & cream.  We do fight.  But we fight fair.  Our ability to communicate has a lot to do with how we work out problems and come up with solutions.  Especially the coming up with solutions part.  Neither of us allow for anything to just be swept under the rug.   I call him out on his shenanigans, he puts me in my place if I’m out of line, and we figure it out.

Maybe we’re inspiring because of our capability to work through literally anything.  Or maybe it’s because we speak of and to each other with so much love and conviction.  Maybe it’s because we actually show how much we care about one another.  Whatever the reason, I’m glad that we have the ability to give others hope.  ♥

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