Ben Moss Sucks

Congratulations Ben Moss! You have essentially lost out on a lifetime of potential sales in addition to potential sales of those that my grievances reach.

Once upon a time, there was a man that was on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring. He went to many stores and eventually found what he was looking for. The sales associate, Dana, was amazing. He bought the ring. Eventually he proposed. His future Mrs. said yes. It was almost a happily ever after.

He went back to Ben Moss a while later to purchase wedding bands for his future bride. Unfortunately they didn’t quite fit the engagement ring, so the bride-to-be went on an adventure to visit the store! She became acquainted with Dana who was magnificently helpful and arranged for a quote from their designer for a custom wedding band and a quote from the Goldsmith to just alter the purchased bands. A response from the designer was had that same day, but after that? No word. Silence.

The bride-to-be called. She emailed. She got no reply. After over 2 weeks passed, she got fed up and had the man call. Eventually he got through and spoke with the manager. The manager apologized and said to come in the next day, that he would go and pick the rings up personally. So the couple went to Ben Moss the next evening. The sales associate had no idea what was going on. The manager looked at the couple like they had seven heads. The manager stated that their beloved Dana had quit her job and shifted all blame to her. And also didn’t have the rings.

The couple had to make another trip to Ben Moss two days later to finally get their rings back. The manager continued to blame Dana and took zero responsibility for letting the situation fall through the cracks. He also offered no solutions to correct or make up for the problem. He didn’t even bother to have the engagement ring cleaned or inspected per schedule while in his possession.

Ben Moss, you may want to consider the quality of managers that you put into your stores. I’m no stranger to retail management, which is probably why I’m so pissed off. When you screw something up by such a massive scale and hold someone’s property for weeks longer than anticipated, MAKE UP FOR IT!!!! Don’t allow someone to just blame someone else. Yeah it sucks when an employee quits, but it’s a manager’s responsibility to follow up with their customers and clients and not just let them fall to the wayside. Clean the jewelry, offer an in store credit or a coupon or something to at least attempt to retain your customers. Never again.

Update:  Days after this post was made, a lengthy conversation with the regional manager was had, and we were at least finally offered an adequate apology & a discount for a future purchase.  I still won’t step foot in there, but at least we finally got some acknowledgement regarding the sub-par service.

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