He Listens

My [future] stepson has had some behavioral issues in his handful of years on this Earth so far. He’s not a bad kid at all. In my opinion he’s just had way too much energy, has been bored, and lacked one on one attention. Due to these, he tends to be challenging at school and in both of his homes.

What goes on in his mother’s home is none of our business. However my fiance and I have been giving his son challenges to not get into trouble at school or with his mother when he’s there. (He rarely acts out when he’s with us.) We give him the floor to express himself freely. When he gets frustrated or angry, we talk him through it and give him some alternative ways to express himself more appropriately. We also try to give him positive reinforcement and incentives to behave how he’s supposed to and to not get into trouble.

Last night, my fiance received word that his son’s teacher reported a signficant improvement with his behavior. Holy crap, he listened!!!!! When he got here, I called him into their room where I was supervising his sister and unpacking their bag. I pulled him into my arms, gave him the biggest hug, and just showered him with love. I told him that his dad and I were super proud of him and thanked him for minding his behavior. Man. I am so proud. He looked a little embarrassed, but you couldn’t have slapped the smile off of his face. You could see it in his eyes that he appreciated the acknowledgement of his actions. These are the moments that mean the most.

And for this, tomorrow he gets an extra special super hero birthday party tomorrow instead of just a regular birthday party. Tomorrow he gets two cakes. (Ice cream cake + carrot cake.) He gets to pick who dresses up as what super hero while he gets to be black panther. Not only does he get waffles (per his request,) but he gets fancy waffles from a Marvel waffle iron! We didn’t have a huge budget to work with, but it didn’t matter — what he loves is the interaction and acknowledgement of his interests. I can’t wait ❤️

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