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Habits and Rituals

How do we fall into autopilot? And is it such a bad thing?

Every morning I smile. I either open my eyes and see the love of my life or I hug him a little tighter, happy that we’re able to be close. When he gets out of bed to have a shower, I sprawl out and cuddle the dog. When he comes back to get dressed, I give a little cat call and whistle, then get out of bed as well. He runs out to start the car, I get dressed and throw him together a snack or a lunch and a Coke zero. Then the dog and I escort him to the door with a kiss goodbye, the dog shuffling out to pee. Or he sneaks out of bed as quietly as possible, hoping to let me sleep in.

Then what? It seems without a fail, I make a cup of coffee, and unload the dishwasher. After, I load up any remaining dishes, sip on my coffee, and try to make some gold on the Auction House in WoW. Then I skim over Facebook and emails while finishing coffee, then hit the shower.

I might do some laundry, meal prep, whatever needs to be done based on the family needs. Every few days or so, I’ll go for a walk or get some time in on the elliptical. The weekends are of similar routine, except I tell me better half to stay in bed while I prepare breakfast for the kids. And of course a couple of times a week, we get together with our friends for our weekly nerdiness. Regardless of the day or the happenings, I try to make a point to spend quality time with my better half every evening ❤️

I’m much more flexible than I used to be with my routine, but even with a significant reduction of stress in my life and a tighter grasp on moodiness, I still find that deviation from a general rough outline of my routine can set me off kilter. For instance last week, I accidentally slept in until 10:30! I have no idea how that happened as I never sleep that late anymore, and it completely threw my whole day off.

So what about you? What are routines that you fall into? What habits or rituals do you have, and how do you find balance when you have do deviate from your norm? Do you prefer to be spontaneous or consistent? Where do you thrive? Discuss!

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