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Dear ole’ Dad

My Pops’ birthday is this week. I way this week, because legends celebrate all week. I’m a little sad that I couldn’t be there to give him a hug on his big day, but the gift we got him has the old man floating on cloud nine. More on that later.

Back in November, my grandfather passed away. It created a big rift in our family and put my dad in a bit of isolation. Although he still stuck in some of his old ways, my dad has grown as a person; I’m quite proud of him. Sure, it’s still annoying to deal with his narcissism and revolving door of new hobbies each week, but he’s finally thinking outside of himself.

His latest hobby as of late has shifted from his 1990something Mercedes to restoring the old El Camino. Apparently the front end was rusted out, so he and his mechanic got creative and replaced it with a Chevy Laguna front end. For his birthday, he asked if I could find a replacement emblem for it. Given that he’s never asked for anything for his birthday or Christmas, I obliged, scouring the internet to find the piece. I’ve received so many phone calls from him with pure, raw, unadulterated excitement over this emblem. Who knew that something so small could mean so much. He has it stuck in his mind that he’s going to take his hybrid Laguna-Camino out drag racing with a couple of surf boards in the back. I can’t help but to laugh at that one. More power to him as he’s eating healthier, exercising more, and is taking more consideration about those around him. He’s still got some crazy notions floating around that noggin of his, but it’s inspiring to see him have conviction in things that are more positive.

But Happy Birthday to the great old man. 62 is looking pretty good for you.

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